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Postulates of Christian Faith By: Paul Messick

About the Book

Postulates of Christian Faith tells of the author’s journey of faith and summarizes the Scriptures which have been the most inspirational in his life.

A postulate is a prerequisite truth that, although it cannot be proven, once the meaning of its words is understood, cannot be denied. The word postulate is most widely considered with respect to the math course of geometry.

So what does this have to do with Christian faith” To the author, it is an exact parallel: The Gospel Truth and Christian Doctrine cannot be proven, but when understood through faith in Jesus Christ cannot be denied.

About the Author

A born again christian from age 13, Paul Messick has learned to recognize God’s will throughout his lifetime. His advanced education has been the basis of his becoming a registered professional engineer. This added professionalism within his general construction company, which was closed upon his retirement. His military service includes National Guard service in Oklahoma’s 45th Division plus a tour of duty with the Strategic Air Command in England during the Korean war.

He has taught Sunday school and Bible study to various age groups for nearly fifty years. He has a daughter and a son plus four grandchildren. His wife, Deloris, is his first love after Jesus Christ, and has made married life an overall joyful experience. This book also refers to his various past hobbies.

He has met a few people that he didn’t like, but he can witness, from experience, that people are more of a source of joy than things are a source of happiness.

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